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Consider Supporting Her Incredible Mind

What we do!
Her Incredible Mind provides career awareness, STEAM immersion days, and mentorship. Through video interviewing women with STEAM (Science, Technology Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) careers, we highlight and discuss the journey of these women. These women provide perspective and honesty while we gain an appreciation for their triumphs, wisdom, struggles, and perseverance. 

Why we do it!
The purpose of these
 videos is to provide girls and young women with information about their potential career choice. Many young women are not exposed to real-life career experience prior to making the decision to pursue their education or a job. By listening to our Spotify podcasts or viewing our YouTube videos, these young women gain an honest and often enlightening view of their potential careers.  If we all had this view of our careers prior to the decision, would we have changed lanes? Have we already changed lanes?  At Her Incredible Mind, we hope to guide the next generation of females through the platforms they use the most. 

How you can help!
As a charity organization; Her Incredible Mind does not charge for these videos. We rely on the support of our supporters and if you would like to donate to Her Incredible Mind, a Certified PayPal Charity and our link is below. 

We appreciate your support. 
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